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Hi, my name is Pamela. I'm a licensed Aesthetician and Massage Therapist. My professional career began in the England where I was born and raised. Before graduating from High School at the age of 16 (yes, it's an option in the UK) I really didn’t know what career path to take. My eldest sister was a big influence to me, she was studying fashion design at our local college. I used be her manikin and model for her creations. I used to strut around the house pretending to be a model on a catwalk, lol!


 Although I loved fashion and still do, I didn’t want to follow in her footsteps, one, I disliked sewing and two, I don't have the artistic flare that she has.  One day as we were talking I asked her for career ideas, she suggested that I look into the Beauty Therapy Course since I was always interested in self-care. As I looked into it I thought, yes this is right up my alley!  After doing a two year prerequisite program I was able to apply for the course and I got accepted!  The Beauty Therapy course was an intense two year program that provided all the training and the skills to work in a full service Spa. Now after 30 years of being in the business I specialize in Skin care, Massage and Waxing for hair removal.

Prior to settling down in the United states I worked in many spas in different parts of the world, this developed my skills and enriched my abilities to provide quality services and to be able to treat skins of different ethnicities. 

I use three product lines in my treatment room, Skin Script, Blissoma &  Do terra essential oils. Skin Script is a paraben free, natural product line that contains powerful fruit enzymes to balance, enhance and treat the condition of the skin. The ingredients are very active and are able to be absorbed into the skin to reduce wrinkle depth, hyper-pigmentation, blemishes, acne and reduce sensitivity. Fantastic results can be achieved with monthly professional facial treatments and a consistent skin care regimen at home.

Blissoma is an amazing Organic, Holistic brand rooted in plant science. Raw plant ingredients rebuild the skin barrier making it extremely resilient. Regular skin concerns can be treated with Blissoma facials as well as rosacea and eczema. Do terra essential oils are used in my massages as an enhancement. The plants and herbs used to make the oils are ethically sourced from regions all over the world where its parent-plant thrives. Not all essential oils are created equal, many on the market are heavily contaminated or adulterated with chemicals. Depending on which blend is used some of the benefits are calming, uplifting, clears sinuses, relieves soreness and muscular stiffness.

I love making people look and feel their best in a relaxing environment.  We live in such a fast paced society where sometimes we may feel like a hamster going around on an endless wheel where each day rolls into the next, we just keep going and going, not taking time to take care of yourself. I create a relaxing spa like environment so whether you’re being waxed, getting extractions, or a deep tissue massage all of which can be painful I make sure that you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible.  

Thank you for visiting my website. Why not step off that hamster wheel and take some time with me in my small retreat - Natural Xcellence Spa - where I will help you to achieve and maintain healthy, glowing skin and a relaxed tension free body.



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